There’s no right or wrong way to feel

Black man with head tilted down holding fairy lights against dark background.
“It’s not easy to go against the dominant emotional current, but it’s harder to lose yourself in false feelings.” (Photo by Trần Toàn on Unsplash.)

My thoughts are currently with those who are struggling this holiday season. Having a happy holiday or a merry Christmas will not come easily to everyone. There are those who are suffering more than celebrating. While some shop for gifts, others mourn…


Two Black women standing side by side andlaughing heartily.
Good friends accept it all — your tears, fears, anger, and laughter. [Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash.]

Sometimes people are the gifts. I’ve often gained what I lacked via a relationship. So much of what has enriched my life can’t be bought in a store or ordered online. Instead, my most valued resources have been the care, thoughtfulness, love, and generosity of others.

Some people are priceless…

Aabye-Gayle F.

Editor & Writer | Dog person with cats.

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