How our adventure began

A dirt path in a dense forest. The vegetation up ahead forms what looks like the opening to a cave.

Feeling the cool embrace of the night air around us, we took deliberate and cautious steps. Everything that grows was making it difficult to navigate the dark path. In fact, calling it a path at this point was an act of generosity. What had once been broad enough for us…


What a journey through my journal taught me

Photo of author as a child: A young Black girl wearing a black leotard and white tutu with pink and teal embellishments stands in front of a bookshelf.

I always find it interesting to read through old journal entries. My current diary is almost full, but its remaining blank pages have been waning slowly. From start to finish, it is an inconsistent timeline. The lapses between entries vary greatly — sometimes just hours, sometimes months, sometimes years.



No amount of cash can buy the things that make life most worth it

Several small children, dressed in stained and torn clothes, smile gleefully and put up peace signs.

Some people dream about becoming wealthy. Even from a young age, I suspected that wasn’t my destiny. I wasn’t born into money, and none of the careers of interest to me were ones that make a person rich (except in very rare instances). But I was okay with that. …

Aabye-Gayle F.

Editor & Writer | Dog person with cats.

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